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Superhero-Inspiring Technology

Are you ready to take a look?Let's get it on with bionic boots. Modern science hasn't allowed us to run far enough to travel through time like the flash, but this has to be the next best thing. Who needs the flash force when we have the hacked energy of an ostrich? The bionic boots have been designed to perfectly simulate the stride of the biggest flightless bird in the world. A gentle jog will have you hitting speeds of 25 miles per hour without breaking a sweat, while sprinting can see you crack the 40-mile per hour mark. To put that into perspective, that's faster than most suburban speed limits. Meek mortals have a running stride of up to five feet, but thanks to some help from our feathered friends, that can be stretched out to more than three times the distance, to over 16 feet. This is all thanks to a design that mimics a bird's backward-facing knee, using springs to absorb the human's weight as potential energy before using it to explode forward as quickly as lightning.

The silver surfer is in eternal slavery to galactus, surfing through space on his surfboard to find worlds to serve him. Earthlings experience mid-air surfing crazy without extraterrestrial annihilation. Marina Bay was awe-inspiring during the Singapore F1 Grand Prix. Frank Zappata was requested to bring the globe a special invitation. Flyboard air is the first jet-powered hoverboard. The engines run on a blend of kerosene and jet fuel and can propel a 220 pound person at 100 mph, 500 feet in the air. Fly time is limited to 6 minutes, and you're strapped to a flying bomb.

The seabreacher aquaman may ride on an orca's dorsal fin. The sea breacher improves on everything that's great about killer whales with technology. It's a semi-submersible boat that can hit 70 mph and go from 0 to 60 in four seconds thanks to a 260-horsepower supercharger. It improves nature's design by leaping out of the water and diving back with a snorkel. Not only free willy is replaced. The dolphin-shaped sea breacher y is fast. The sea breacher's z looks like a great white shark and a fighter jet at 80k.Build lightsabers, and people will come. The hacksmith made a lightsaber while others couldn't. Jedi mind tricks and Darth Vader's force choke are still a ways off, but as if you don't want your own 4000 degree Fahrenheit plasma cutter to murder your opponents or at least cut a slice of birthday cake like a boss, this replica blade isn't far from the real thing. Contact melts titanium. It's a superheated plasma used to cut steel plates in industry. You'll have to produce your own amazing lightsaber noises with your mouth, so start practicing. Also, carrying about big oxygen and propane tanks for a meager five minutes of use shows that additional research and development is needed.

Ravity Jet Suit: Good News! The Iron Man Suit costs $602,000. Billionaire Playboy dupes you. You don't need a large stock portfolio, many successful enterprises, or the avengers to succeed. Sell your home. Deserved. The ravity industry's jet suit is 55 mph despite having five small jet engines, one on the backpack and two on each hand for maneuvering. Yes, it's a copy of Iron Man's suit. A full tank of fuel can support 1050 horsepower for 9 minutes, although supersonic flight is still far off, with its facsimile reaching 32 mph. Mark II may have offensive weapons.

Dr. Octopus Suit when life starts to imitate fiction that's the time to start getting worried doctor octopus has animatronic arms fused and grafted to his spinal cord giving him four extra mechanical claws to climb buildings with rob banks and do all other manner of general bad guy stuff self-made millionaire eric finnman may only be 19 but he knows a good investment when he sees it using his own money made jumping onto bitcoin when it was still worth a pittance he commissioned a team of engineers to make a lifelike prosthetic that could actually have some pretty awesome real world applications for those who've lost limbs or are confined to a wheelchair the four limbs are controlled using micro controllers on each hand with a specialized glove picking up the micro movements and converting them to electrical signals that articulate the arms at least someone's using their robotic arms for good instead of evil.

Dubai, on the fly! Jet Man Dubai is the closest thing to the falcon. As it soars through the sky on rocket-powered wings and a protective face shield to keep the pests at bay, it appears to be just what we expected. This insane jetpack, designed for flight's vertical launch, can reach some seriously high speeds. From the ground to a height of 300 feet, it only takes 8 seconds. Four seconds are all it takes to complete the final 300 feet. 900 feet in less than 5 seconds. It can reach an altitude of 3000 feet in less than a minute at an average speed of 130 knots, or 150 mph. To put it another way, it's like carrying about a NASA booster rocket on your back, capable of reaching a top speed of 250 mph! Possibly even quicker than before.. When it comes to stunts, the jet man dubai can perform barrel rolls and loop the loops that would make even the most experienced stunt pilot blush.

Skeletonics Tokyo-based Skeletonix created the arrival suit to make people feel like giants. Small-man syndrome. The suit transforms its wearer into a nine-foot tall behemoth that can walk and do fine motor skills like picking up a cup and shaking someone's hand. Too busy bashing buildings and fighting moths. A master slave synchronization mechanism works without computers or energy. It uses physics and connections to retain human motion without a battery.

Efoil surfboard The e-foil is a cross between a jet ski and a surfboard, with a powered leg and hydrofoil lifting the board out of the water and fully supporting the rider's weight. A hand control handles the throttle and speed, with the rider using their own body weight shifting from side to side to steer just like the real thing.

Explosion-proof clothing She could be a real-life model, and we could make up the part about her inventing the suit, but it's all a white lie. Blast-proof active wear is available from prominent Russian tactical equipment manufacturer, Rostec, for the right price. The suit is already capable of withstanding bullets and shrapnel from grenades, so now it can add bombs and flamethrowers.


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