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Smartphone as Media Tool In Modern Era

Hi friends, how are you guys today hopefully in good condition and given health every tomorrow smartphone has become a very important device in everyday life for all people in this world shop this one device has become a very important commodity it is important for consumers and manufacturers that there are no longer boundaries between technologies which is the reason why smartphones are increasingly unstoppable, one of which is the abundance of technology used in it.

Talking about smartphones, of course there are two very important things to consider for you, namely price and technology. hardware or software used as an example, such as the specifications embedded in the smartphone, such as the processor, RAM capacity and ROM, the size of the camera to what OS is used in it, this is the brain behind good or bad performance in a smartphone and so far there are many brands of processors that are quite popular and specifically for smartphone such as Exynos from Samsung sent from Huawei Byonic from Apple value from MediaTek to Buyan Snapdragon from Qualcomm and others etc. but the ones that are most widely used for commercial purposes in all vendors are the last two , namely MediaTek and Qualcomm, but did you know that the shops of all the processors are all based on the giant mobile processor technology in the UK, namely m and in this video I will try a little Explain the differences and comparisons between MediaTek and Qualcomm processors may be from the performance of the processor and also the graphics then the processor generation and the conclusion is also soft. Let's start with the differences between MediaTek and Qualcomm processors.

The main difference between these two processors is the targeted segment in the market and the price of the processor if Qua lcomm is targeting all classes from low-end to high-end levels, unlike MediaTek which only focuses on mid-range to lower levels, although MediaTek used to compete at the top level through its Hindu experience series, but in fact they haven't. able to fight the performance of the top-class Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the Snapdragon 800 series from Qualcomm, the MediaTek processor has also innovated to make the world's first true octa-core processor and also the world's first decorative processor through its helio exercises.

MediaTek also has its Korpri lot technology which designed to deliver computing performance from a mobile processor pretentious platform with minimum power consumption so as to produce the best combination of optimal performance and power efficiency Then what about colleagues and not only focus on creating processors with lots of CPU seats and fast but also components other supporters such as the JPU and iasb, the graphics quality tends to be better because it is supported by a more sophisticated jpo or graphics processor unit.

In addition, the results of HP photos using Snapdragon are often better because Snapdragon processor ISP technology is always being improved, many things are improved, making Snapdragon processors sometimes more expensive. compared to MediaTek as long as you know sisop Most klasflex cellphones also tend to prefer Snapdragon processors over MediaTek and one of the most striking differences between MediaTek and Snapdragon is that the price of Snapdragon processors is more expensive than MediaTek with the same specifications Snapdragon prices can be twice as expensive as MediaTek then the comparison of processor and graphics performance in this section I will try to explain a little, starting in terms of processor and graphics performance, there is also a shop in a mobile processor that is very important, namely the CPU and GPU CP U consists of several codes that have different speeds and function to regulate all components in the processor in terms of shippu, both are relatively balanced shops between MediaTek and Qualcomm because they both produce processors with four cores up to eight cores , both of which clock speeds are almost similar to those that are adapted for various class segments for the current shop, while jpo functions to process graphics GPU stands for Graphic Processing Unit and this GPU works like VGA on desktop PCs or laptops, CPU performance at MediaTek is relatively lower than Snapdragon because it has lower MediaTek processors only consumes less RAM while the Snapdragon processor is able to render better graphics and provides smoother visual effects but unfortunately the Snapdragon processor consumes more ram then Why is it being more wasteful of RAM because the JPU is not equipped with a dedicated ated flush Hi when operating the Adreno JPU used by Snapdragon will eat the HP core RAM itself.

Therefore, so that Dragon's online graphics are maximized, it must be accompanied by a large RAM capacity, next generation of processors and product variations in terms of generation and uniform product variations, of course, have more there are many variations compared to MediaTek around 2017 and MediaTek even reduced and stopped the production of their high-end processors and they prefer to focus on making lower-middle class processors for now, they are different, not only focusing on a few series of processors, namely the Heni Yua series for beginners then the P series for beginners to intermediate and the latest is the diehiou g-series which is specifically for you mobile gamers, yes, although there are rumors that MediaTek will make the latest series processors with a flagship flavor with 5-ji support through processors with dimensional codenames, we'll just have to wait for the shop on the other side Sn processor apdragon releases more processor variants, now starting from the 400 series for beginners, the 600 series for the intermediate 700 series which is the latest version for the middle and above then the 700 series with the g code behind is devoted to middle-class car gaming and the last one in the 800 and 800 plus series for the upper class or Premium and the Sultans of course and in the last series of processors, this little bit is claimed to be able to match the unique processor by Apple, now it comes to the conclusion that Snapdragon processors are indeed more varied than MediaTek.

In addition, your celery also targets many segments, unlike MediaTek which only Focusing on the lower middle class for now, our shop also doesn't know whether in the future MediaTek will also compete again in the upper processor class through its processor dimensions, then the price of smartphones with Snapdragon processors is indeed more expensive than MediaTek with the same specifications, the price of SM Artphones with Snapdragon processors can be twice as expensive as MediaTek, yes, because of several factors that I explained earlier, this shop in general still bears the nickname of a processor for those of you who are budget-conscious, including those who want a smartphone with fast performance but at a price. which is cheap, especially in the slanted to low level class, but if you have sufficient funds and only Sultan wants to have a smartphone with a fast processor, the smartphone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is the choice and that's enough, friends, videos about the differences and comparisons between MediaTek processors and also Qualcomm starting from the performance of the processor and graphics then the processor generation and the conclusion is also of course my explanation and explanation is still far from perfect, friend.

If you are confused in choosing a smartphone with which processor is suitable for your smartphone. Your budget please ask in the comments column Yes, friend, I hope this video can help and become useful information for you guys, yasop, I'm calm, I've been watching see you and see you again in my videos Brief I was salamu alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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