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The Dependence on Mobile Devices, Along with Its Repercussions for Society and Health

Modern beings are no longer content to merely exist in the physical world as a result of the lightning-fast pace at which science and technology are growing. The real world and the realm of virtual reality seem to collide with us at an ever-increasing frequency, and we find ourselves frequently switching between the two. Our lives in the virtual sphere have already started to become increasingly integrated with the real world. People living in the modern era devised the phrase "digital world" in order to refer to this progression in human cultural expression. Despite the undeniable fact that technological advancements have the potential to make our lives a great deal more bearable, the excessive use of modern conveniences such as smartphones, laptops, and other similar devices has thrown off the social atmosphere of our homes and families, resulting in an unbalanced social environment. Children of today would prefer be playing games on their smartphones than listening to their grandparents' stories about when they were younger.

People of all ages are now preoccupied with their mobile devices to the point where they have little to no time for activities that have any real importance to them. This also applies to youngsters. It is not unusual to find members of the same or different families lounging around the house with their own mobile devices, either in separate rooms or in the same room but in various nooks and crannies. This can happen with members of the same family or members of different families. The state of affairs has deteriorated to the point where people do not give it a second thought before using their smartphones while attending a funeral, a burial, or any other ceremony linked with melancholy. Even though it was disrespectful to the sacred nature of the cemetery, I was able to find the time to watch the video that was recently circulated on social media. In the video, a person is seen sitting on the final stone that is all that is left of a grave and checking Facebook while doing so. Even I was able to find the time to watch it. This pattern contributes absolutely nothing positive to the society in which we currently reside in any manner, shape, or form.

Our younger generation is growing increasingly detached from the real world as a direct result of this virtual environment, and as a consequence, their lives are becoming increasingly routine. In addition to this, having this mindset leads in a generation of young people who lack moral concepts such as cooperation, mutual respect, tolerance, feelings, love, and affection. This is because such ideas are taught to them by adults who have this mentality. [Further citation is required] In addition, using smartphones for an excessive amount of time results in decreased amounts of face-to-face engagement with close friends and family members. In recent years, there has been a shift away from spending time in person interacting with real people in favor of substantial amounts of time spent interacting with total strangers online. These interactions are meaningless and do not lead to the development of any actual bonds between individuals. After a period of time, this may lead to feelings of loneliness and depression.

Not only does it have an impact on our relationships with other people, but it also has extremely significant implications for our physical well-being. One such trend that manifests itself is the practice of using a mobile phone when one is consuming food. This pattern of eating when one is preoccupied or anxious is problematic and will lead to complications. concerns regarding health There is a fine line to walk between using a mobile device in a sensible manner and using it in an unhealthy and compulsive manner. It's possible to get dependent on one's mobile device to the point that they develop an addiction to using it. 6.3% of the whole population is addicted to their smartphone, according to the data that were presented in an academic journal that was vetted by other academics and is disseminated by the National Library of Medicine. The incidence of substance misuse is highest among people under the age of 30, with an average of 16% of teenagers being addicted to the substance in question. This obsessive behavior of using a psychological test repeatedly A psychological assistance to sleep can lead to difficulties such as decreased deficit, lower creativityion, reduced worry, lowered stress, increased likelihood of loneliness and insecurity. relational problems, poor academic performance, and mental health issues.

When they first get their hands on a cell phone, many adolescents describe the experience as being similar to that of a child at a toy store. Because app stores offer what seems to be an unlimited selection of games and other content, it is not hard to understand how adolescent users can become dependent on their mobile devices. The brain of an individual who is a teenager is still in the process of developing and changing. The brain of a teenager is more receptive to things that could lead to addiction, such as video games and social networking, and as a result, teenagers are more likely to become addicted to these activities. At this crossroads, the million-dollar dilemma that emerges is whether one ought to keep one's mouth shut and serve as a silent spectator or whether one ought to take action toward reformation. Absolutely not; the harmful changes that have taken place in the system can be undone by the people because they have the ability to do so. In this setting, the family, which is an institution that is desperately needed, is in a position to play a vital role because of the circumstances that have been created.

It is possible for children to automatically absorb the value system of their parents from their parents, as adults tend to stick to certain habits and views. Children learn essential life skills such as ethics and morals from the guidance and example of their parents and other adults in their lives. The more experienced members of the family immediately rectify any circumstance that goes against the family's principles, so assuring that these standards are in no way compromised in any way. The more seasoned members of the family frequently serve as a source of invaluable knowledge and experience that may be drawn upon. A person's grandparents, who have amassed a vast amount of experience, wisdom, and knowledge over the course of their lives, can act as a guiding force in the process of a life transformation. This is because grandparents have lived longer and therefore have more life to share with their grandchildren. All of this becomes doable for them if they cut back on the quantity of modern technology that they use. The All-Mighty Allah (SWT) has endowed human beings with the ability to reason, the capacity for reflection, and the correct understanding of how to make a comparison between two different scenarios, regardless of whether or not the situations are positive or negative. This ability to reason was given to human beings by Allah (SWT). As a result, the time has come for us to make some positive adjustments to our thinking and become more proficient with the tools and technology that are available in the modern world.

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