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The Top 2022 Rugged Mobile Phones

While the majority of us hold out hope that our smartphones will last the whole two years of our contracts, others of us are lucky if they last a few months.

The top smartphones will have impenetrable Gorilla Glass installed on their screens, and a growing number of models now feature waterproofing. As long as we have a protective case for our phones, most of us can get by.

However, this is not sufficient for those who engage in risky activities, perform manual labor, or are inherently clumsy. To accommodate these individuals, manufacturers have created ruggedized cellphones that are resistant to water, dust, drops, and shock.

Some of the best examples of today's durable smartphones include all the bells and whistles, like quick processors, good cameras, and wireless charging, proving that you don't have to sacrifice durability for convenience.

Opinions on the Most Robust Cell Phones

For the Most Part, the Nokia XR20 Is the Best Option


Exceptionally sturdy

Extended guarantee

Capacity of the Battery Charging Wirelessly


A weak showing

A Refresh Rate of 60 Hertz

There was no charging brick

Amazon has the lowest price today, at $492.99.

When compared to other rugged phones, the Nokia XR20 stands out as one of the most well-rounded and universally appealing options. It's tough where it matters while still being quite simple to operate.

Do not be fooled, this is not a high-end smartphone. A camera that isn't a total bust, and a screen that is bright and clear, are two things that this device has going for it. Extras like wireless charging and surround speakers are welcome bonuses.

The design isn't exactly eye-catching, but it's not hideous either thanks to the pleasingly non-utilitarian shade of blue and the appealingly industrial exposed metal sides. Nokia also provides an extended warranty, a free screen replacement program after one year, and an impressively long commitment to software updates.

Assuming, of course, that the corporation has not struck gold. The performance is below average, and we were hoping for higher processing power. Furthermore, the XR20 may benefit greatly from a greater screen refresh rate to make it feel more up-to-date, and the advancements made by inexpensive "regular" phones lead us to believe that the camera could still use some work.

However, if you're looking for a rugged phone that won't break the bank but is still capable of withstanding daily use and harsh conditions, this is about as good as it gets at the moment.

To learn more about the Nokia XR20, check out our in-depth review.

What Makes the CAT S62 Pro So Great


Quite a respectable performance

Camera capable of detecting and recording thermal images

Heavy battery


Wireless charging is not available.

The functionality might use some improvement.


In spite of appearances, this is CAT's most advanced rugged phone. Okay, so it's heavier and chunkier than other smartphones, but CAT has done a fantastic job with the design.

The S62 Pro is one of just two phones (the other being a CAT) to meet IP69 requirements, thus it can withstand harsh environments and heavy use. It also passes the rigorous MIL-STD-810H and IP68 tests. Gorilla Glass 6 safeguards the 5.7-inch Full-HD display, and the aluminum body and non-slip TPU rubber on the back make the phone simple to hold even when your hands are wet or you're wearing gloves. Aluminum is used for the rounded edges, which are held in place by three screws on each side.

When compared to the CAT S61, it lacks that vehicle's laser distance measurement and air quality monitoring capabilities while maintaining the latter's thermal imaging camera, which is now more seamlessly integrated into the vehicle's body. However, the cameras still protrude significantly from the back, and the battery capacity has fallen from 4500mAh to 4000mAh.

The show is powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor running at 2 GHz, together with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage that can be expanded by means of a microSD card.

When compared to the Chinese rivals, we were a little underwhelmed by the results. The S62 Pro is a great example of a robust phone, but it lacks some features that would make it even better.

Motorola Defy, the Best Buy                                                                                              


exceptionally sturdy construction

Value for money in a tough phone

The purest Android


A below-average performer, whose speed is below average. Picture resolution: 720p

Configuration of a camera's bare minimums

Today's lowest price for an equivalent Amazon product is $285.00.

When compared to other tough phones, the Motorola Defy is surprisingly user-friendly. Its modest cost is reassuring, yet it can withstand pressure, heat, and water immersion better than almost any other smartphone.

As an added bonus, the battery life is excellent, and Motorola's minimalistic take on Android is really appreciated in this sparse setting.

However, in order to achieve that sweet spot between cost and durability, significant concessions have been made. The Motorola Defy's poor performance and lackluster 720p LCD screen are obvious flaws. Conversely, the camera setup is very restricted.

The reintroduced Motorola Defy is a great choice if you're looking for a sturdy phone with little extra features and a low price tag.

Take a look at our comprehensive Motorola Defy review.

Superior Camera Quality with the Doogee S98 Pro


Sufficient battery life

Affordably priced, high-quality cameras with features like thermal toughness IP69K protection and night vision


Ungainly 5G with a 60Hz refresh rate

AliExpress now has the best prices of the day at £352.58. Doogeemall has it for $439.99. It's $529.99 on Amazon

The Doogee S98 Pro is their most recent modern tough phone. It's cumbersome and looks like what smartphones in 1990s science fiction movies would have looked like.

It has a decent processor, respectable battery life, and an extremely luminous screen for an LCD. Its robust exterior and Gorilla Glass screen are further testaments to its quality construction.

There are also cameramen present. Although the built-in 48 megapixel camera is more than adequate, the secondary night vision sensor is fantastic and can even be utilized for thermal imaging.

The Doogee S98 Pro is more than just a phone that can survive being dropped in water or dust or even being set on fire or detonated by an explosive.

As long as you don't need 5G, it's an easy recommendation as a terrific Android 12 gadget with some very nice cameras, impressive battery life, and a bright display.

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